Assembly Time:

6+ hours




Electric Movement


  • Captivating 3D model of an amusement park Swing Ride, Suitable for boys and girls
  • Comes with “Merry Go Round” music, motion & Built-in LEDs
  • Charming vintage-inspired design
  • Includes 289 numbered pieces and detailed instructions
  • Assembly time approx. 6 hours
  • Perfect gift for birthdays or special occasions
  • Dedicated after-sale service for assistance with part replacement or other issues.



Product Description

If you’re longing to relive the thrill of the amusement park Swing Ride from your childhood, look no further than this captivating 3D model!

Bring the magic of the amusement park into your own home with our latest creation: the Swing Ride 3D puzzle. Not only is it a wonderfully creative and challenging project, but it also evokes memories of carefree days at the park. Perfect for boys and girls alike, this delightful puzzle comes with music and motion, making it an ideal gift.

With built-in LEDs that replicate the twinkling lights of the amusement park, this 3D puzzle adds a touch of whimsy to any room.



Featuring a charming vintage-inspired design, our Swing Ride model kit boasts a graceful silhouette with its encircling light band and translucent panels that emit a cozy glow. Set to the enchanting melody of “Merry Go Round.”

With 289 numbered pieces and detailed instructions, assembly is a breeze for both teens and adults alike.

Constructing this amusement park masterpiece offers a wonderful opportunity for quality bonding time between parents and children, providing approximately 6 hours of construction fun.



Version 1.0.0


An ideal gift for birthdays or any special occasion, this DIY Swing Ride kit promises hours of entertainment.

– Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Dedicated After-Sale Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. Should you encounter any challenges during assembly, such as damaged or missing parts, our team is here to assist you.

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